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Welcome to the website of Brian Zanotelli, a litigation attorney in Malheur County, Oregon, with an emphasis on civil litigation and criminal defense. Mr. Zanotelli's office is headquartered in Vale, one block from the courthouse and 15 minutes from Ontario. Brian has a passion for the law - its values, intricacies and its application and brings this passion to work for you with custom work, personalized service and legal advice.

Mr. Zanotelli's first advice is always to avoid trouble and avoid litigation. Try to solve your problem with a phone call, a letter, an apology or a handshake. Unfortunately, sometimes this approach fails. When it's time to fight back, call, we can help!

Whether you need help starting a lawsuit or defending a lawsuit, the first step in choosing a lawyer is to discuss your particular situation, face to face, through an initial consultation. This no-pressure meeting offers each party a chance to become acquainted, discuss the details of your case and consider your legal options. Before entering a client/lawyer relationship we determine if your case is a good fit - with both your needs and our services. If so, you gain an experienced, passionate partner for the legal battles ahead. If not, Mr. Zanotelli can happily refer you to another local firm that may better suit your needs.

Ideally, you should hire an attorney the moment your rights have been jeopardized. Without proper legal counsel, you may say or do something that inadvertently hurts your case or damages your ability to win in the courtroom.

By having the right attorney involved from the beginning, you tap a powerful resource - one whose knowledge and experience can help you take the right sequence of steps to present your case in the best possible light, act within the letter of the law and increase the odds of winning your case.

Let Brian Zanotelli put his courtroom experience to work for you.

Please note: The law office of Brian Zanotelli is a full-service law firm able to take your case from initial paperwork through trial. If you have other needs — an opinion on a single issue, an appearance at one hearing or a collaboration with another attorney — please call and we can customize our work to meet your needs.

Brian Zanotelli • A Courtroom Lawyer Emphasizing Civil, Criminal and Personal Injury Litigation

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